How to become a standout Mainframe developer in 2023?


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Mainframe developers are the software engineers responsible for developing and maintaining the mainframe computer systems used by large organizations. Mainframes are powerful, reliable, and secure systems designed to handle large amounts of data and complex processes. As such, it is important for mainframe developers to have a strong understanding of the mainframe platform and its associated technologies. Go ahead and read this blog! It will provide you the guidance on how to become a standout mainframe developer in 2023.

Overview of the Mainframe Industry

The mainframe industry is currently experiencing a renaissance. Thanks to modernizations in technology, mainframes are now being used more than ever to store and process large amounts of data. Mainframe-based solutions are reliable, secure, and cost-effective, making them attractive to a wide range of organizations.

The demand for mainframe developers is on the rise as organizations look to modernize their mainframe systems. A standout mainframe developer is one who is able to demonstrate a deep knowledge of the mainframe platform and its associated technologies. They should possess both technical and soft skills, have an understanding of industry trends, and have the ability to develop a professional network.

Necessary Skills to Become a Standout Mainframe Developer

To become a standout mainframe developer, it is important to develop both technical and soft skills. Technical skills include knowledge of the mainframe platform and its associated technologies, such as COBOL, JCL, CICS, and DB2. Additionally, mainframe developers should have experience with application development, application testing, and system administration.

Soft skills are also essential for success. Mainframe developers should possess strong communication and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to work with teams. Mainframe developers should also have a strong understanding of the business needs of the organization and be able to apply their technical knowledge to the organization’s objectives.

Developing a Professional Network

Networking is an important skill for any mainframe developer. Building a professional network allows mainframe developers to stay informed of industry trends, share best practices, and collaborate with other experienced mainframe developers.

Networking can be done through in-person events, such as conferences, user groups, and meetups. It can also be done online, through social media, online forums, and blogs. Additionally, mainframe developers should consider joining professional societies, such as the International Association of Mainframe Professionals (IAMF).

Mainframe developers need to stay up-to-date with industry trends to remain competitive. The mainframe industry is constantly evolving, and mainframe developers need to stay informed of the latest technologies and best practices to stay ahead of the curve.

Mainframe developers should subscribe to industry publications, attend conferences and webinars, and follow blogs and social media accounts related to mainframe development. Additionally, mainframe developers should keep up with advancements in software development and IT security.

Learning from Experienced Developers

Mainframe developers should seek out mentorship from experienced developers. Mentorship provides valuable guidance and insight into the industry and can help mainframe developers become better developers.

Experienced mainframe developers can be found through professional networks, industry publications, and online forums. Additionally, there are many online resources, such as video tutorials and online courses, that provide valuable guidance and training.


Becoming a standout mainframe developer in 2023 requires a combination of technical and soft skills, an understanding of industry trends, and the ability to develop a professional network. Mainframe developers should also seek out mentorship from experienced developers and take advantage of online resources to stay informed and up-to-date with industry trends. By following these steps, mainframe developers can stay ahead of the curve and become standout mainframe developers in 2023.

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