How you can become a self-taught UI/UX Designer?

How you can become a self-taught UI/UX Designer?


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You may be considering a career in UI/UX design, or you may be influenced by someone who is learning/working on it. If you are new to UI/UX Designing and want to know what UI/UX is? and how you can become a self-taught UI/UX Designer. this blog is for you! Go ahead and read this.

What is UI/UX?

  • UI (User Interface) — the process by which designers work on the interface of the system focusing on looks and interactions, which can be text, buttons, and other interactive elements.

  • UX (User Experience) — how a person feels when interacting with or experiencing a product (service/feature update). From the packaging of a toothbrush to the wheels of an orthopedic chair, anything that can be experienced can be designed.

How you can become a self-taught UI/UX Designer?

  1. Think about is UI/UX Designing is the right fit for you? and Do you really want to learn it at this point? If you are one who enjoys working in a team, sharing information, and learning new technologies, UI/UX is a great career option for you.

  2. Research on how is it gonna benefit you? and Is there any demand in the future? — The answer is Yes, there will always be a demand for UI UX Designers as the UX role becomes more specialized by focusing on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Voice User Interfaces.

  3. Find the perfect mentor to assist you in mastering the concepts and principles of UI/UX. From this, you can rectify some of the faults that every newbie makes.

  4. Learn how you can master the right design tool — It can be either :

  • Figma — Desktop/Browser/Mobile app ( macOS, Windows, Linux, Andriod)

  • Adobe XD — Desktop/Mobile app (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android)

  • Sketch — Desktop/Browser app (macOS)

5. Join in Communities: Being a part of a community will always help you discover new design trends or upskill yourself to be a better designer, and you may progressively expand your hands-on practice with designs. You may use their feedback to create your own design portfolio and apply it for your ideal job.

Just Learn and Practise bcoz it gonna worth it 🚀. Go now and start working on the above steps 🙌

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